I lost my Barcode Producer activation code.

No worries – we're happy to assist you by providing a copy of your orders by e-mail address. Just enter your e-mail address in the form below. We'll e-mail you a copy of your order history, including any associated activation codes.

Email address:

Please note, however, that only the latest version of Barcode Producer is available for download on our web site. So, if you have lost both your activation code and your download, and if you're using a discontinued version of Barcode Producer, you're best off upgrading to the latest version.

I can't find my activation code with the form above.

Did you use another e-mail address? Try another address.

All software activation codes are delivered via e-mail, so, you can also locate your activation code by searching your e-mail history.

You can search for "Barcode Producer", or for e-mails from these addresses that we use (or have historically used) for order confirmations:


I still can't find my activation code.

You can e-mail us to ask us to help locate your receipt. Please provide all of the following:

Can I download older versions of Barcode Producer?

We only store a downloadable copy of the latest version of Barcode Producer. If you lost an old version of Barcode Producer, you can always upgrade your license to the latest version. Save a copy in a safe place so you'll have it for future use.